9 Most Popular Diets & How To Choose The Best Diet For You

Today I’m sharing about the 9 most popular diets that are trending right now, and how you can determine the best one (or ones) for […]

Healing A Vaginal Infection and Yeast Infection Naturally

The worst pain and discomfort I’d felt in years in my vagina area hit me hard—just before Christmas. I hadn’t experienced a vaginal or yeast […]

Setting New Year’s Goals You Can Keep More Than One Week

I’m writing this as I reflect on my birthday in Vero Beach (my home away from home) while feeling some fresh cool air on my […]

Purify Your Gut In 10 Days—And Detox Your Entire Body Naturally and Effectively!

Get Control of Your Candida Yeast Overgrowth In 10 Days—Without Depriving Yourself—PLUS purify your entire body naturally and effectively all at the same time. I […]

Common Mistake Most Dieters Make

Can you believe it’s already November?! I mean seriously, where the heck has this year gone? The holidays are right around the corner and that […]

Best Natural Deodorants To Get Rid Of Armpit Odor—No More Stinky Pits!

Having smelly armpits is SO embarrassing…and gross, frustrating, humiliating…all wrapped up into one icky feeling. Ugh. I remember this so vividly, begging my husband to […]

Simple Mediterranean Paleo Sumac Salad With Shrimp

Back in nutrition school, I experimented with dozens of different diets while studying over 100 of them (some diets I didn’t try out because I […]

10 Mind Hacks To Losing Weight & Feeling Great—Forever!

Today I’m sharing with you some super effective mind hacks that can help you feel great, lose weight—and keep it off forever. Some of these […]

Supplements 101: A Guide Of My Top Natural Product Recommendations

I am a hardcore believer in food being the best medicine… But…do I honestly feel incredibly amazing and focused every single day from diet alone? […]

Oxygen Bar Escapades With My Family

For a bit of fun on Sunday (Sunday Funday :-)) we took a short drive into Downtown Winter Garden to meet up with family and […]

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