The Lowdown on CBD Oil  (Can It Help You?)

I love remedies that are more natural and holistic, and CBD (or hemp oil) is rapidly gaining popularity for this reason. This oil that is […]

Simple Paleo Honey Mustard Dressing + Dipping Sauce

I love dressings and dipping sauces and this Paleo Honey Mustard one is super easy and delicious. The problem with so many processed condiments is […]

The Best Crispy Baked Chicken Strips (DASH Diet Friendly)

This is hands down one of my favorite “not fried” chicken recipes. It’s baked but it still has that moist and crispy deliciousness that you […]

7 Ways To Live A Happy, Healthy Life—Besides Nutrition/Diet

Sure, by now you’ve most likely heard about how important your diet and nutrition choices are for living a happy and healthy life. And though […]

Banana Bread Sweet Potato Protein Bars With Blueberries

OMG I am loving these Banana Bread Sweet Potato Protein Bars for an easy and quick breakfast in the morning! It’s Paleo, Mediterranean Zone, & […]

Clearing Up Some Confusion About Living A Healthy Lifestyle

I think it’s super important to understand that food is our medicine or poison. Simply put: We are what we eat. This applies to anything […]

9 Most Popular Diets & How To Choose The Best Diet For You

Today I’m sharing about the 9 most popular diets that are trending right now, and how you can determine the best one (or ones) for […]

Healing A Vaginal Infection and Yeast Infection Naturally

The worst pain and discomfort I’d felt in years in my vagina area hit me hard—just before Christmas. I hadn’t experienced a vaginal or yeast […]

Purify Your Gut In 10 Days—And Detox Your Entire Body Naturally and Effectively!

Get Control of Your Candida Yeast Overgrowth In 10 Days—Without Depriving Yourself—PLUS purify your entire body naturally and effectively all at the same time. I […]

Best Natural Deodorants To Get Rid Of Armpit Odor—No More Stinky Pits!

Having smelly armpits is SO embarrassing…and gross, frustrating, humiliating…all wrapped up into one icky feeling. Ugh. I remember this so vividly, begging my husband to […]

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