My Interesting Experiment With Collagen Protein + My Fave Ab & Tush Tightening Exercise

Hey there healthy lifestyle adventurers! 🙂

For about the past month or two, I’ve been experimenting with collagen protein. I mean, the benefits seem to be incredible based on my own extensive research. And if you’re a total health nerd like me who’ll spend insane amounts of time deep-diving into things you’re curious about, then you should do a little Googling about collagen protein too.

Collagen ProteinYou can see the brand that I chose to experiment with in the picture. I got it at my fave online wholesale organic shop—Thrive Market. The other brand that I was really interested in was by Bulletproof. They’ve got some pretty good quality products, and that’s how I came to do my little experiment with the Bulletproof coffee.

Let’s Review the Benefits of Collagen Protein

Consistently, these kept showing up in my research:

  • Healthy gut repair and digestive support
  • Improved brain function
  • Joint support, stronger bones, and greater mobility and flexibility.
  • Strong, healthy muscles.
  • Clearer, firmer, glowing skin and anti-aging support
  • Easier weight management and/or weight loss
  • Better sleep

Don’t those sound truly ah-mazing! 🙂

I loved the collagen protein in my smoothies. It has no flavor at all so it doesn’t effect how the smoothie tastes like lots of other protein powders can. I like to do smoothies with greens and fruit, some healthy fats and obviously some good protein so you have a mix of everything healthy your body needs, and like I said, it went great with that. However, I also like to bake because I like having quick breakfasts in the morning. Basically when I wake up I want it ready so I’ll either pre-make my smoothies ahead of time or I will bake something and keep it in the fridge because I try really hard not to get anything already processed.

Making my own food means I can control everything that’s in it! For the most part, I stay away from refined sugar and anything artificial—so I use a lot of monk fruit for my natural, zero calorie-zero blood sugar spike sweetener.

I’ll bake with some almond meal and coconut flour and like I said, monk fruit as my sweetener. My little trick to sneak in those nutritious veggies is to throw a couple eggs, about 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (or coconut milk), and two handfuls of greens, like spinach, in the blender and let it go for a a few seconds. It basically liquifies the the veggies and then that’s my liquid base for making a cheat clean treat. To add some vital antioxidants, I’ll throw a couple handfuls of blueberries in there. Oh, and I can’t forget a couple TBSP of melted ghee or coconut palm shortening. OMG So Yummy!

Now for the protein—gotta get that in there to make my dish complete. So I experimented with the collagen protein instead of my typical hemp protein (I either use hemp protein or hemp seeds when I’m baking and in my smoothies). I’ve used some whey protein in the past but I do try to watch my dairy intake for the most part. I’ll have dairy occasionally, but I can always feel it when I have it.

So I try to stick with more of a non-dairy based protein when I can. That’s what I liked about the collagen protein. The research on collagen is insane. I mean, from what I’ve shared you’ve gotta be thinking it’s really, really good for you too.

Now for the weird thing that happened. Do not bake with this stuff! Friends, let me tell you just how nasty it came out. I don’t know what happens in the heating process with collagen protein, but I wasted SO MANY ingredients for TWO attempts of making my cheat clean blueberry coffee cake breakfast and I had to throw both of them away. This overpowering chemical flavor just took over. The first batch that I made I put a heavy amount of collagen protein. For every two scoops—a scoop is about a teaspoon or a tablespoon—so for every two of those is eleven grams of protein. In my first batch I put four scoops into the coffee cake it was horrible.

I thought to myself, well clearly I just put too much of this stuff in there. The second batch I just put one scoop, and it still came out horrible. It’s hard for me to even come up with a better way to describe the taste. It just had this chemically taste to it that was ‘not right’. My taste buds could not even bare it. And being in the health business I can do some pretty interesting things. Some of it a lot of people would consider gross. I know I love juicing and some of the juices that I’ll drink are heavy on the veggies and low on the fruit, so they have a very strong vegetable flavor, and my mom can’t stand that. She thinks it’s absolutely disgusting. This baked coffee cake with the collagen protein, oh my goodness, never again. It was just horrible.

My Tip For Collagen Protein: don’t bake with this stuff.

If you’re big on smoothies or just want to get that protein in with some water/nut milk/juice, or even if you do the Bulletproof coffees—then I highly recommend the collagen protein. It works perfect for those! If you’re not familiar with BulletProof Coffee, one of their suggestions is to add the collagen protein to it because you’re putting it in the blender or you’re using your emulsion blender for it and the powder mixes right up. How strange is that though? It handles well in a hot coffee and it handles well in a cold smoothie. However, in the oven baking it for thirty minutes in a blueberry coffee cake, something gross happens. If you know anything about that, I’d love to hear in the comments, but that’s my experiment with the collagen protein. Double thumbs up for smoothies and the Bulletproof coffee. Double thumbs down for baking with it. Absolutely no. Stick with whatever other sources of protein you use for that.

Now, I wanna share one of my fave ab and tush tightening exercises!

Swiss (TKO) Ball Plank Leg Lifts

Watch the above demo for proper form and movement. You totally gotta add this into your next workout routine—or let’s connect about my Virtual Fitness Trainer Program!

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~William Faulkner

To making that swim a reality,

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