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“I HIGHLY recommend working with Ashley. I know you’re probably thinking ‘everyone says that in testimonials – why should I go with this program besides the fact that you, who I do not know, would recommend it?’ Well, I can tell you from first hand experience that Ashley is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met and she WILL change your life. Before her challenge, I have tried so many others – some worked, some didn’t, but I tried. I felt like Ashley’s truly changed my life. She gave me so much knowledge, feedback, and interaction that it wasn’t possible for me to fail at this. Now that it’s over, I’ve lost 8+ lbs and have a better understanding of myself and why I WANT to be healthy.” ~Alex A.


I dreaded changing my diet. I’ve always loved food- rich or sweet fatty foods. And I’ve always been impatient—if I didn’t see results immediately, I would quit whatever it was I was doing. But although Ashley never claims that her program is a “quick fix”, I am living proof that in the 2 months I’ve worked with her, my physical and emotional health have improved and the way I view food has changed. I would never have believed that in such a short period of time, I would not only feel better, but would also be more conscious of what I eat and drink and have the tools and the desire to make healthy choices. I know that my journey just started and it will need to continue in order to repair the damage I’ve done to my body in 42 years. But, I do not look at my new eating habits as a diet. I’m thrilled with the amount of weight I’ve lost—in just 2 months I’ve lost 20 pounds and am wearing a size 10 in. I’m 5’7” and haven’t been a size 10 in almost 20 years but more importantly, I’m thrilled with the way I feel. Ashley’s knowledge, encouragement, support, and way of teaching have taught me more in 2 months than I ever could have imagined. ~Meg H.


I’m so excited about this. I just feel so awesome eating healthy. It’s never been so easy. You have made all the difference in the world. My doctor was really happy that I was doing this great. She agreed with pretty much every single bit of advice that you’ve given me that I shared with her. So that’s awesome…you’re practically as good as a doctor. ~ Jackie W.

I have lost a total of 10lbs. You are a true blessing in my life. I feel a lot better and I sleep better too. Linda R—Elklmont, AL

“I have lost a total of 8 pounds in 12 days because I had to ease into it also! Feel amazing and look forward to staying with the eating clean and healthy.” ~DeAnna W.

Thanks to Ashley’s help, drinking my Slim and eating a more balanced diet has helped with swelling and minimal weight gain throughout my pregnancy. Jennifer P—Denver, CO

“This 10-day detox has been just what I needed to get me back on track. From day one, I’ve had a lot more energy (with zero negative effects – yeah!) and I’ve fallen in love with my veggies again. Thanks, Ashley for the coaching and all the info, advice and support. And, thanks to my fellow cleansers for posting your challenges, successes and tips. It really was encouraging! As a bonus, I lost 6 lbs.” ~Luci W.

Lost 18 pounds and 4.5 inches in 1 month!
Im so excited about this. I just feel so awesome eating healthy. Its never been so easy. You have made all the difference in the world. My doctor was really happy that I was doing this great. She agreed with pretty much every single bit of advice that you’ve given me that I shared with her as it came up in our conversation. So that’s awesome you’re practically as good as a doctor. Jackie W—Lakeland, FL

Almost 2 pounds and 5.5 inches gone in 30 days!
I am one month in to changing myself for the better. Ashley, has been such a strong element in this transformation. Due to my medical conditions, nothing has worked before her coaching. She kept me motivated and was extremely hands on with helping me reach my goals. For the first time in years I feel like I will actually achieve my weight loss goals and that’s not all. Together we are changing my life goals. It’s been a tough road and I still have a long way to go but I don’t think I would have achieved what I have so far without her. I highly recommend Ashley’s coaching, in fact I have referred others to her already who are witnessing how much better I am doing. I was attempting exercise and eating healthier but was stuck at the same weight or would gain weight. It’s was exhausting and depressing. In only the first month she has helped me implement a healthier eating style, exercise I can actually do along with the recommended supplements through plexus. The results im seeing are all the proof I need that this time, this program, is the one that will help me reach my goals. For the first time I can see myself achieving these goals. I struggle with bipolar disorder and she graceful kept me going when my disorder made me want to quit. I’m very thankful. ~Andrea D—Michigan.

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